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Reviews of performances and recordings by Apostolos Palios 


Pianist with extraordinary talent, Apostolos Palios delivered an unforgettable fantastic music experience performing works for the left hand only, which are rarely played due to their high difficulty. Each piece had the exceptional personal interpretative stamp of the soloist. Breathtaking from the first notes…he penetrates into the music composition and transmits the sense, that he deals not only with the score but also with a lyrical profound poem…Apostolos Palios’s excellent piano playing has been not just a left hand over the piano keys but a music result of a whole orchestra’s sound.

Maria Kotopouli, 28.12.2019


Palios interpreted masterfully his repertoire with piano pieces for the left hand only and excited his audience in a spiritual magical atmosphere.

Anthoula Daniel, 23.12.2019


Apostolos Palios’ s piano playing shined in every breath and accompanied the voice unrepeatably giving prominence to the poetic tension and featuring the refined transformation of verses to music.

Maria Kotopouli, 18.11.2019


Palios’ s shimmering Reverie by Claude Debussy has been an absolute highlight!

Constantine S. Sirigos, The National Herald 5-11.10.2019

…The work Prelude et Etude by Busoni has been performed with great precision and lucidity balancing masterly between the emphatic romantic rhetoric and the deconstructive hedonic play of the arpeggios… 
Giannis Svolos, Efimerida ton Syntakton 18.6.2019

…Apostolos Palios interpreted with superb virtuosity and sensitivity Rachmaninoff’s first piano concerto delivering a pleasurable performance…His extraordinary artistry and talent, his Olympic image permeated the event with glow and prestige. 
Anthoula Daniel, 26.5.2019

The performance of Rachmaninoff’s piano suites for two pianos confirmed the bond and the rhythmical vigor between the two pianists, the agility and quality of their musical dialog…pear-shaped sound, full of shades…imaginary fluidity of playing, which accented the mood’s alterations. 
Eytichios Choriatakis, 13.5.2019

Emotionally abstemious approach, which befitted ideally to Shostakovich music… Rachmaninoff without plethoric phrasing but very lyrical! 
Nikos Dontas, Kathimerini 1.5.2019

Noble lyricism, thorough refined, technically perfect Rachmaninoff without extreme mannerism in expression and cheap artistic exaggerations. Shostakovich full of youthful energy, lightness, vigor and cheerful attitude.   
Giannis Svolos, Efimerida ton Syntakton 16.4.2019

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