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Reviews of performances and recordings by Apostolos Palios 


Pianist Apostolos Palios is an artistic entity…He gave a highly sensitive performance…Polished sound and natural singing belong to his rare gifts.
Giorgos Leotsakos, Express 17.12.2012

Constantly rising soloist with high musical perception, Palios molded interpretations of Beethoven’s piano sonatas, which were consciously oriented to the expressive qualities of the composer’s piano writing: rhythmic sense, total supervision of structure combined with balanced awareness of detail, aptly varied dynamic differentiations, fine conception of dramatic timing and of the continuously alterative music temper….He dared bravely and with fortitude to face ’’Hammerklavier’’, which is considered to be the most difficult of Beethoven’ s sonatas...he had the required dynamism, glassy phrasing and wide sound volume…his lyrical playing portrayed excellent the lyrical and pensive slow movement.   
Giannis Svolos, 24.11.2012

Dreamy playing of Scriabin’s Nocturne for the left hand! 
Giorgos Leotsakos, Express 24.11.2012

By choosing three rarely performed Beethoven sonatas he succeed to feature the singularity of each one…Hammerklavier, this extremely difficult work, which pianists of much older age avoid  to present, has been interpreted with perfect balance between intellectualism and soul and impressed us so much as if we had heard it for the first time, especially at the endless Αdagio sostenuto, where the charismatic pianist has been limitless surrendered into its deep introversion... After such a performance he confirmed our greatest expectations from him!  Giorgos Leotsakos, Express 10.11.2012

Palios understands very well the dominating melodic nature of Chopin’ s writing and surely he perceives the similarities to the operatic voice writing of this period. The development of melodic phrasing, the pianistic ariosi combined with moments of dramatic recitativi, the sensuous surfing of pianistic passages above the orchestral accompaniment have been perfectly performed with wide dynamic range and flowing musical consistency. Kingpin of his execution has been the balanced dialectic between the playing of masterful fragments and dreamy diving into the emotion. The lyrical Larghetto flew ecstatic and the final Allegro vivace has been dominated by dancing rhythmical verve and bright crystal-clear technical passages.     
Giannis Svolos, 8.11.2012

It is well known, that pianist Apostolos Palios through his thoughtful study of Chopin’ s works conveys the sensitivity and brilliant piano writing of the composer… Clarity and lucidity, masterful virtuosity, wonderful melodic performing, impassioned and pulsating playing at the final movement… And above all, without lapsing at mawkish moments, which is considered to be a trap even for notable soloists. 
Sofia Theofanous, Adesmeytos Typos 5.11.2012

The gifted pianist Apostolos Palios has needed just a few days to make the public totally pinned down at the Athens Concert Hall! Initially he offered an inspired and thrilling interpretation of Chopin’s 2nd piano concerto and afterwards a solo recital with Beethoven piano sonatas…At “Les adieux” he expressed the grief of separation, the searching yell of human presence with staggering pulse and transparent timbre. Following the brilliant pianist with great comfort and silences full of tension and expectation interpreted the extremely difficult and rarely performed “Hammerklavier”…through music he delineated composer’s personality, the dynamic and epic elements, the intense contrasts, the alternations of themes. He played sensuously the lyrical movement and kept remarkable tempi at the last one… Palios, apart from his deep knowledge of the instrument and wealth of his emotional world, possesses the special flair to approach intellectually every composition. And exactly this cerebral dimension of his playing makes his interpretations extraordinary!       
Maria Kotopouli, Parathemata Logou 5.11.2012

Soloist of Chopin’ s 2nd piano concerto, Apostolos Palios, managed to offer beautiful sound nuances avoiding cheap emotional expressions. His phrasing was precise with interesting transformations and finest endings. The melodic elements pulsed discreet but essentially through flexible handling of rhythm and continuous delicate tempo and dynamic fluctuations. His interpretative aspect was characterized by nobility and elegance!
Nikos Dontas, Kathimerini 4.11.2012

His excellent technique as well as musicality and the sincere and successful musical collaboration between distinguished pianist Apostolos Palios,  whom we noticed in the past, and other acclaimed musicians, make him a flawless artist.
Sofia Theofanous, Adesmeftos Typos 28.2.2012

The award-winning and internationally acclaimed pianist Apostolos Palios has offered unforgettable interpretations with inner and deep lyricism. 
Maria Kotopouli, Parathemata Logou 17.2.2012      


We really enjoyed his superb technique, his dynamism and all the expressive lyrical parts, played by such an excellent pianist.
Sofia Theofanous, Estia 11.2.2012

He played Beethoven op.109 with such a lyrical grace and imaginative melodic brilliance… Then, with particular attention to the aesthetic of sound, he interpreted  Goyesca «The maiden and the nightingale» by Enrique Granados emphasizing the meaningful narrative character and romantic elements of this musical erotic confession…Revealing highlight has been Beethoven’s «Hammerklavier», a sonata of colossal musical and technical requirements. He performed with clarity and pure soul the heroic moments, which have been replaced by stochastic periods of philosophical contemplation, introspection and various internal searches. This masterpiece found in him a mature performer, who achieved to enlighten the bottomless depths of Beethoven’s thinking with respect, good taste and impressive technique.
Constantine P. Carambelas-Sgourdas, Karfi 11.2.2012

The pianist Apostolos Palios through his charismatic nature, his impressive musical skills and his artistic dynamism offers exemplary interpretations, able to withstand time. He serves faithfully not only the musical text, but at the same time he penetrates every secret corner revealing the innermost thoughts of the composer…It is not just a masterful recording, but definitely one of the best discs of piano discography during the latest years!
Thomas Tamvakos, Jazz and Jazz February 2012

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