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Reviews of performances and recordings by Apostolos Palios 


Reviews of performances and recordings by Aurora Quartet


The Aurora Quartet offers a dynamic interpretation, clear and original sound, that wins everybody from the first moment. 
L. Malandrenioti, Musical Magazine Difono, May 2007 

The Aurora Quartet plays with great intensity and sensitiveness.
Marit Elise Lyngstad, Hamr Arbeiderblad, 2007

Plenty of detail, air and space make for what should be an excellent addition to the library of fans of piano music.
Mark Wagner,, 17.1.2007


This incredible quartet proves how big the resources are that lie in the music for eight hands. This is a totally extraordinary CD. You are stunned and fascinated by the unbelievably lively way in which the music is presented! 
Kjell Moe, Kulturspeilet, 23.12.2006

A playfull dynamic with remarkable effects of contrast between the four pianos... A rich and thrilling programme made this concert a rare event!... The concert was splendidly performed by the four pianists who have found each other on twelve meters of piano.
Lars O.Flydal, Vart hand, Oslo 22.9.2006


They are virtuosos on the black and white keys.
Magdeburger Volksstimme, 24.1.2005


The four pianists transmit a palpable passion for music and a huge talent. The Aurora Quartet played itself into the hearts of the audience.
The Aurora Quartet has a great future. 
Easter Festival Bayreuth, 13.4.2004


Each of the four musicians was brilliant and mastered the instrument with the expressiveness of a soloist.
Markische Allgemeine, 9.12.2003

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