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Anchor 1 Rev


R 2018

Reviews of performances and recordings by Apostolos Palios




…the passionate Rachmaninoff’s 1st piano concerto has been interpreted by Apostolos Palios, who charmed the audience and was repeatedly called on stage for an anchor… 8.12.2018

Palios’s playing has been accurate and analytical with excellent perception of the musical dramaturgy, insightfully balanced climax of dynamics and dramatic intensity…both the slow expressive lyrical movements of Rachmaninoff’s and Scriabin’s sonatas as well as the Mediterranean extroversion and directness of Granados ‘s Goyescas have been captured with absolute naturalness and soulful competence.   
Giannis Svolos, Efimerida ton Syntakton 31.7.2018

…Granados’s Goyescas trilled the audience. The rhythmical precision, the melodic elegance, the rich nuances and the excellent projection of folklore Spanish motives defined an interpretation full of genuine musicality which accentuated the work’s particular lyricism and attractive nostalgia…Palios also shined performing Brahms’s Paganini Variations with transcendental virtuosity. High-level sense of the structure, tempi precision, flexibility in dynamics and narrative coherence composed a plentiful expressive palette… 
Eytichios Choriatakis, 18.6.2018

Apostolos Palios, every time better and better performing, has been impressive and deservedly excited his audience… 
Nikos Dontas, Kathimerini 10.6.2018

Very well known concert pianist Apostolos Palios belongs to those artists, whose transcendental technique, flawless toucher and brilliant sound coloring is out of question!...He interpreted Scriabin with lucid meaning and irresistible internal intensity…Granados simply could not be performed more ideally! We feel honestly deeply grateful to him for such a unique performance in the history of our musical life!      
Giorgos Leotsakos, 18.5.2018

Haydn, Beethoven, Mendelssohn και Brahms found their ideal interpreter, who highlighted with major sensitivity and grace their works giving to each composition it’s  singularity and magnificence…Listening to the distinguished soloist we get impressed by his amazing memory, his ease, his dynamism and his astonishing passages. We admire his ability to search for the quintessence of each composer’s spirit…Apostolos Palios interprets great works with awe. He trills and uplifts being at the same time humble and modest.  
Maria Kotopouli, 29.4.2018

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