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Reviews of performances and recordings by Apostolos Palios 


The way Apostolos Palios touches the keyboard reveals refinement and sensibility even at the most transcendental and dynamic passages of a composition…He combines amazing flawless technique with artistic fragility and unspeakable grace…He is an admirable example of work ethic and artistic hypostasis contributing utmost to our cultural legacy. After the end of his concert the sentiments he gifted to his audience were admittedly inexpressible. 
Maria Moschou, Typos tis Kifisias 27.4.2018

…At the famous Sonata for 2 pianos and percussion by Bartok…the musicians united their artistry with excellent orchestration giving an accurate, strict, dynamic articulated interpretation… 
Giannis Svolos, Efimerida ton Syntakton 5.9.2017

We appreciated absolute virtuosity…we had the impression of hearing a full orchestra sound!
Sofia Theofanous, Estia 1.8.2017

Magnificent pianists, Palios and Nasos rocked the composition! The dance rhythm got new dimension as the soloists revived with magical sounds the entrancement and female tenderness of Tanagraia… 
Maria Kotopouli, 23.7.2017

Nasos and Palios have been successfully orchestrated…The first and third movement of Bartok’s Sonata featured nerve and flexible articulation, while the middle movement contrasted with it’s calmness. 
Nikos Dontas, Kathimerini 23.7.2017

This performance griped us from the first note to the last!
Giorgos Leotsakos, 2.7.2017

…how deep the Greek soloist perceives and interprets the romantic repertoire!...At the Händel Variations by Brahms the technical clarity and sentimental sobriety that demands the composer’s music has been ideally released at the closing Fugue…Emotional gentility and balance characterized also the performance of Chopin’s 24 Preludes avoiding meretricious passions and exaggerations…Palios gave a classic highly intellectual interpretation…one more demonstration of deep comprehension of stylish and expressive imprint of this specific music…
Eytichios Choriatakis, 10.3.2017

We enjoyed authentic lyricism and diverse nuances by talented pianist Apostolos Palios, who proved once more his artistic genuineness…his sensuous interpretations according to each composer and era always affect and fascinate!    
Sofia Theofanous, Estia 17.01.2017

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