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Reviews of performances and recordings by Apostolos Palios 


This recording has undoubtedly great musicological and artistic value.
Juan Berberana, Ritmo, December 2010

Gifted with high musical sense... approaches deeply the real substance of musical work... he is certainly a mature thinking artist!
Sofia Theofanous, Estia November 2010

...offers extremely thoughtful first world recordings.
Giannis Svolos, Eleftherotypia 05.10.2010

Hunter of perfection, the exciting pianist Apostolos Palios investigated the capture of  the composer and interpreted the Davidsbündler Dances by Schumann with wide variety of colours, clear reflection of sounds and rhythms, rich emotions and controlled romantic mood... He has thorough knowledge of the potentialities of the instrument and uses them to reveal through his interpretation the inner passion, the poetic musicality and the hidden beauties, that run in the Chopin four Ballads... In conclusion we can say with certainty, that we had the chance to hear works of great composers from a great pianist!
Maria Kotopouli, Lexima 4.10.2010

Very lyrical!
Laima, WRUV Reviews, September 2010

The young Greek pianist, Apostolos Palios, is championing the works of Margaritis, and technically this is very impressive playing, Margaritis’s dizzying passages in the right hand sparklingly brilliant. Very realistic piano sound!
David Denton, David's Review Corner, June 2010

Definitely one of the most exciting pianists of the young generation!
Nicos Dontas, Kathimerini 05.03.2010

The Greek soloist possesses a very high level of technique, great bright sound, clear articulation, exact playing, ideal qualities... abrupt musical transitions, enviable glow, balanced interpretations flooded by outgoing energy.
Giannis Svolos, Eleftherotypia 05.03.2010

Excellent technique, impressive skills in sound coloring, pure adaptation of the interpretative tone... sound and contextual transparency in Schumann... noble interpretations in Chopin Ballads, concise and bright sound quality... perfect taste!
Giorgos Leotsakos, Express 13.02.2010

His recital in Athens concert hall has been a huge success!
Liana Piperaki, Estia 02.02.2010



Sensitivity and lyricism... spirit... totally individual approach with a special ability to produce contrasts. Outstanding interpretations and a very notable CD in every way.
L. Malandrenioti, Musical Magazine Difono, February 2009 


I was fascinated by his maturity... he is the right person to interpret the music of Chopin, he plays it with sensitivity because he is able to understand it. He deserves to have a brilliant future!
Rainer Koch, Berlin December 2008

Apostolos Palios wins discreetly but constantly the respect both of other musicians and most of music-lovers. His characteristic interpretations are combined with a special ability to go deeper into the music and achieve to bring out many different perspectives and fine nuances as well as the musical historicity. 
Dr. Konstantin Kakavelakis, Mozart Society, Autumn 2008

A very thoughtful inspired interpretation ... he sings like a pure Greek epic poet.
Dr. Konstantin Kakavelakis, Athens August 2008

The young gifted Greek pianist Apostolos Palios received yesterday evening at the Schubert Hall of famous Vienna Konzerthaus the standing ovation and the rounds of applause of the large music-lover Viennese audience.
Greek Ιnsight, Vienna 16.05.2008

The Greek Apostolos Palios is more than a pianist. He is an interpreter with a pliant personality who surprises and becomes spectacular. The first thing that caught my attention was his velvety sound, a quality that he highlighted in Scarlatti's Sonata in F minor. 
He played Schumann's Dances of the brotherhood of David not only with technique and musicality, but also there was a thorough translation with pearled, smoky sounds directed towards intimacy, recalling the best anthological versions of Pollini and Zacharias!
He has a status as an interpreter who knows what he wants ... 
Ricardo Hontanon, Santander 07.05.2008

A musician of remarkable potential, deep thinking... he handles the piano as an instrument of endless potentialities. Solid aesthetic base, big sound, rich in coloring and correctly elaborated. Firm sense of structure and style, projection of every dramatic element. Romantic temperament full of fire and pure passion that excites. Spontaneous sensibility, visionary spirit, well colored narrative character and harmonized melancholic feeling.
He played the solo part of the 1st Chopin piano concerto with wonderful finesse, lyricism, deep sensitivity, and right sense of the compositional proportions.
Constantin Carampelas-Sgourdas, Mousicos Tonos, Spring 2008


He threw his audience into rapture with his acrobatics on the piano keys ... 
A piano virtuoso with excellent projection, that fascinates.
N. Liosi, Echo Petroupolis, July 2007

Apostolos Palios excited by choosing an impressive tempo, which offered him the opportunity for great expressiveness, pliancy that reminded older times, but also a maturity, that promises an interesting future.
Nikos Dontas, Κathimerini 15.07.2007

The 28 years old soloist played the 1st piano concerto by Chopin with interpretative maturity and safe technique. His approach had a wide range of dynamics, clear articulation, elegant enough and fluid melodic phrasing, right and sensible performance of the constant changes of dramatic intensity, based on measured acceleration/retardation passages. The dramatic culminations had the necessary brilliance and rhetorical emphasis, while the extensive paragraphs of torrential melodic flow have been performed sometimes dashing with vivacious pulse sometimes relaxed and calm, underlined with discreet punctuations and nice detailed dynamics and nuances. A beautiful, modern, romantic interpretation.
Giannis Svolos, Eleftherotypia 27.6.2007

He brought to life again the world of thesis and antithesis between love and death with his unique piano interpretation. 
Kyriakos Valavanis, Arts Review Periodical Edition, Spring 2007

I was lucky to hear recently Apostolos Palios "remarkable playing" His gift of combining his personal ideas with those of the composer he performed, make him a marvelous pianist.
Cyprien Katsaris, Paris March 2007

An extremely gifted pianist and dedicated musician. He has a searching and inspired approach to his pianism, the awareness of orchestral sonorities, style and truthfulness of interpretative integrity. He also possesses an effortless pianistic command technically, producing a wide and expressive range of colours in his playing, a sensitive handling of textures, nuances and beautifully shaped melodic phrasing. He is a communicative musician of great finesse, artistry and charismatic projection. He has excellent international potential. 
Yonty Solomon, London January 2007


Apostolos Palios is without question one of the most exciting pianists that Greece has to offer. A very special musician of rare qualities, sincerity, musical intelligence and artistic integrity. His playing combines imagination, vision and an acute sense for sound coloring.
He is always sensitive to the changing moods of each work that he performs. His sound is warm and natural. After having heard this gifted young man perform Maurice Ravel΄s "Gaspard de la Nuit" I was totally convinced that he possesses the soul of a true artist
Constantine P. Carambelas-Sgourdas, Athens 2006 



The 1st Chopin piano concerto has been masterly performed by the Greek pianist Apostolos Palios, almost improvisational, thought as the composer and received a deeper symphonic character. The audience cheered the artist frantically with great enthusiasm. 
Friedbert Streller, Saechsische Zeitung 15.11.2005 


He is without question a very special musical pianistic talent!
George Hadzinicos, 1993

It is very moving the sensitivity and the passion he transmits to the music ... a poetic musical presence, which is rarely to be found!
Nelly Semitecolo, 1993

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