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Reviews of performances and recordings by Apostolos Palios 


Glinka’s Lark has been interpreted by Apostolos Palios with particularly fluid melodic line and great musicality…the notes flew unforced, the pianist formed the phrases with pliancy and light tempo flexibility.  
Nikos Dontas, Kathimerini 11.12.2016

Self-confident and polished the two musicians, Palios and flutist Geraki performed pleasurably…Sonata No.2 by Prokoviev was captured with mellowness, nerve and a hedonic tense finale.  
Giannis Svolos, Efimerida ton Syntakton 29.11.2016

Apostolos Palios piano playing revealed the wonderful song of the Lark by Balakirev…he sang magnificent the separation’s lament and praised the love’s Elegy by Rachmaninoff…Palios transforms romantic melancholy to poetry!  
Maria Kotopouli, Parathemata Logou, November 2016

Apostolos Palios’s unique musicality and dynamic range of interpretation…
Kyriakos Loukakos, Avgi 29.5.2016

One of the greatest Greek artists, Apostolos Palios belongs to the masters of  tones and soulful touch.
Giorgos Leotsakos, 1.4.2016

It is really not exaggeration to be said that Apostolos Palios’s regular performances comprise true oasis for the music lovers not only due to their constantly high quality but also because he does not hesitate to face new works….At the Pictures at an exhibition by Mussorgsky Palios shew up the structural clarity and the different character of each picture. His musical reading featured descriptive power, introverted  pulse and sentimental nobility. 
Eytichios Choriatakis, 11.3.2016

Apostolos Palios with unspeakable conflation of art and artistry underlines Chopin’s elegant musical narrative style and his nostalgic atmosphere…he interprets the musical dialogs of Davidsbündler by Schumann with extraordinary sound of major quality and lucidity...Tone master of perfection, the Greek soloist gifts to us another one interpretation full of light and color, emotion and poetry, an important contribution to the music world.    
Maria Kotopouli, 11.1.2016

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