Upcoming Events




Athens Panteion University Concert Hall.

Panteion University - Stegi (Onassis Foundation)

Concert Series: Gefyres - Music Bridge over the Syngrou Avenue.

Voice and piano recital.

Contemporary works by Webern, Rihm, Mundry,

Ligeti, Chin for voice and piano.

Soprano: Fanie Antonelou. Piano: Apostolos Palios.



Lesvos Island, Greece.

Open Air Concert.

Voice and piano recital.

Soprano: Katia Paschou. Piano: Apostolos Palios.



Gennadius Library Hall, Athens.

National Opera of Greece.

2. Web Festival: Counterpoints.

Voice and piano recital.

Mezzo Soprano: Margarita Syngeniotou. Piano: Apostolos Palios.

Songs from interwar period by Greek composers Kalomoiris, Konstantinidis and Mitropoulos.



Athens University.

Department of Musicology.

Recording of works for piano solo, flute and piano, voice and piano

by Greek composers related with Alexandria of Egypt.

Flute: Natalia Gerakis. Voice: Irene Karagianni. Piano: Apostolos Palios.




Recording of song cycle for voice and piano

“Lito’s Song’’ by Greek composer Ch. Papageorgiou.

Voice: Katia Paschou. Piano: Apostolos Palios.



National Opera of Greece – Alternative Stage, Athens.

Tribute to Greek Revolution of 1821.

Works by Greek composers Aggelakis, Papaioannou and Nasopoulou

for ensemble and piano.



National Opera of Greece – Alternative Stage, Athens.

Tribute to Greek Revolution of 1821.

Voice and piano recital.

Soprano: Lenia Safiropoulou. Piano: Apostolos Palios.


Chalkidonio Conservatory, Athens.

Piano masterclass.



Artemis Concert Hall, Alimos, Athens.

Athens Filarmonia Orchestra.

L.V. Beethoven: Piano concerto No.3 Op. 37.

Soloist: Apostolos Palios. Conductor: Nikos Maliaras.


Larisa Conservatory Concert Hall.

Larisa Symphony Orchestra.

L.V.Beethoven: Piano concerto No.4 Op. 58.

Soloist: Apostolos Palios. Conductor: Christos Ctistakis.



State Museum of Archaelogy Chemnitz, Germany.

Chamber music concert.

Presentation of new CD ''Sypnoe'' of Auris Classic.

Works by Greek composer Konstantinos Kakavelakis. 



Theocharakis Foundation Concert Hall, Athens.

Piano recital: In memoriam Beethoven.

Works by L. V. Beethoven.



Athens Megaron Concert Hall - D. Mitropoulos Hall.

Cello and piano recital.

Cello: Ioannis Tsitselikis. Piano: Apostolos Palios.

Works by Beethoven, Schumann, Chopin, Kodaly, Rachmaninoff.

More events to be announced soon.