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Chopin - Schumann

Apostolos Palios (2015) – Great Romantics. 
Works for solo piano by Frederic Chopin and Robert Schumann.


F. Chopin - Ballade No. 4, Op 52
F. Chopin - Valse Op. 42
R. Schumann - Davidsbündlertänze - Ungeduldig, Florestan
R. Schumann - Davidsbündlertänze - Nicht schnell mit äußerst starker Empfindung, Eusebius
R. Schumann - Davidsbündlertänze - Balladenmäßig sehr rasch, Florestan
R.Schumann - Davidsbündlertänze - Zart und singend, Eusebius
R. Schumann - Davidsbündlertänze - Wie aus der Ferne, Florestan and Eusebius
Margaritis - Petyrek​

Apostolos Palios (2010)- Naxos Greek Classics Series 
Works for solo piano by Greek composer Loris Margaritis and Austrian Felix Petyrek.




L. Margaritis - Carnival, "Letter from Munich"
L. Margaritis - Piano Sonatina, Op. 5
L. Margaritis - Concert Study, "North Wind"
F. Petyrek - Dance around the Hobbyhorse
F. Petyrek - Serenade of the Robber Band
Liszt - Glinka - Mussorgsky​

Apostolos Palios (2008)- Music, poetry and painting
Works for solo piano by Franz Liszt, Mikhail Glinka- M. A. Balakirev and Modest Mussorgsky.


M. Glinka - The Lark
M. Mussorgsky - Promenade
M. Mussorgsky - Ballet of the Chicks in their Shells
M. Mussorgsky - Ballet of the Chicks in their Shells
M. Mussorgsky - The Market Place at Limoges
M. Mussorgsky - The Catacombs
F. Liszt - Soneto 104 del Petrarca
Aurora Quartet​t

Mare (2006) - Aurora Quartett

Works for two pianos eight hands by Norwegian contemporary composers Bjorn Kruse, Trygve Madsen and Wolfgang Plagge.

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