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Reviews of performances and recordings by Apostolos Palios 

Latest Reviews


Pianist with extraordinary talent, Apostolos Palios delivered an unforgettable fantastic music experience performing works for the left hand only, which are rarely played due to their high difficulty. Each piece had the exceptional personal interpretative stamp of the soloist. Breathtaking from the first notes…he penetrates into the music composition and transmits the sense, that he deals not only with the score but also with a lyrical profound poem…Apostolos Palios’s excellent piano playing has been not just a left hand over the piano keys but a music result of a whole orchestra’s sound.

Maria Kotopouli, 28.12.2019


Palios interpreted masterfully his repertoire with piano pieces for the left hand only and excited his audience in a spiritual magical atmosphere.

Anthoula Daniel, 23.12.2019


Apostolos Palios’ s piano playing shined in every breath and accompanied the voice unrepeatably giving prominence to the poetic tension and featuring the refined transformation of verses to music.

Maria Kotopouli, 18.11.2019


Palios’ s shimmering Reverie by Claude Debussy has been an absolute highlight!

Constantine S. Sirigos, The National Herald 5-11.10.2019

…The work Prelude et Etude by Busoni has been performed with great precision and lucidity balancing masterly between the emphatic romantic rhetoric and the deconstructive hedonic play of the arpeggios… 
Giannis Svolos, Efimerida ton Syntakton 18.6.2019

…Apostolos Palios interpreted with superb virtuosity and sensitivity Rachmaninoff’s first piano concerto delivering a pleasurable performance…His extraordinary artistry and talent, his Olympic image permeated the event with glow and prestige. 
Anthoula Daniel, 26.5.2019

The performance of Rachmaninoff’s piano suites for two pianos confirmed the bond and the rhythmical vigor between the two pianists, the agility and quality of their musical dialog…pear-shaped sound, full of shades…imaginary fluidity of playing, which accented the mood’s alterations. 
Eytichios Choriatakis, 13.5.2019

Emotionally abstemious approach, which befitted ideally to Shostakovich music… Rachmaninoff without plethoric phrasing but very lyrical! 
Nikos Dontas, Kathimerini 1.5.2019

Noble lyricism, thorough refined, technically perfect Rachmaninoff without extreme mannerism in expression and cheap artistic exaggerations. Shostakovich full of youthful energy, lightness, vigor and cheerful attitude.   
Giannis Svolos, Efimerida ton Syntakton 16.4.2019


…the passionate Rachmaninoff’s 1st piano concerto has been interpreted by Apostolos Palios, who charmed the audience and was repeatedly called on stage for an anchor… 8.12.2018

Palios’s playing has been accurate and analytical with excellent perception of the musical dramaturgy, insightfully balanced climax of dynamics and dramatic intensity…both the slow expressive lyrical movements of Rachmaninoff’s and Scriabin’s sonatas as well as the Mediterranean extroversion and directness of Granados ‘s Goyescas have been captured with absolute naturalness and soulful competence.   
Giannis Svolos, Efimerida ton Syntakton 31.7.2018

…Granados’s Goyescas trilled the audience. The rhythmical precision, the melodic elegance, the rich nuances and the excellent projection of folklore Spanish motives defined an interpretation full of genuine musicality which accentuated the work’s particular lyricism and attractive nostalgia…Palios also shined performing Brahms’s Paganini Variations with transcendental virtuosity. High-level sense of the structure, tempi precision, flexibility in dynamics and narrative coherence composed a plentiful expressive palette… 
Eytichios Choriatakis, 18.6.2018

Apostolos Palios, every time better and better performing, has been impressive and deservedly excited his audience… 
Nikos Dontas, Kathimerini 10.6.2018

Very well known concert pianist Apostolos Palios belongs to those artists, whose transcendental technique, flawless toucher and brilliant sound coloring is out of question!...He interpreted Scriabin with lucid meaning and irresistible internal intensity…Granados simply could not be performed more ideally! We feel honestly deeply grateful to him for such a unique performance in the history of our musical life!      
Giorgos Leotsakos, 18.5.2018

Haydn, Beethoven, Mendelssohn και Brahms found their ideal interpreter, who highlighted with major sensitivity and grace their works giving to each composition it’s  singularity and magnificence…Listening to the distinguished soloist we get impressed by his amazing memory, his ease, his dynamism and his astonishing passages. We admire his ability to search for the quintessence of each composer’s spirit…Apostolos Palios interprets great works with awe. He trills and uplifts being at the same time humble and modest.  
Maria Kotopouli, 29.4.2018


The way Apostolos Palios touches the keyboard reveals refinement and sensibility even at the most transcendental and dynamic passages of a composition…He combines amazing flawless technique with artistic fragility and unspeakable grace…He is an admirable example of work ethic and artistic hypostasis contributing utmost to our cultural legacy. After the end of his concert the sentiments he gifted to his audience were admittedly inexpressible. 
Maria Moschou, Typos tis Kifisias 27.4.2018

…At the famous Sonata for 2 pianos and percussion by Bartok…the musicians united their artistry with excellent orchestration giving an accurate, strict, dynamic articulated interpretation… 
Giannis Svolos, Efimerida ton Syntakton 5.9.2017

We appreciated absolute virtuosity…we had the impression of hearing a full orchestra sound!
Sofia Theofanous, Estia 1.8.2017

Magnificent pianists, Palios and Nasos rocked the composition! The dance rhythm got new dimension as the soloists revived with magical sounds the entrancement and female tenderness of Tanagraia… 
Maria Kotopouli, 23.7.2017

Nasos and Palios have been successfully orchestrated…The first and third movement of Bartok’s Sonata featured nerve and flexible articulation, while the middle movement contrasted with it’s calmness. 
Nikos Dontas, Kathimerini 23.7.2017

This performance griped us from the first note to the last!
Giorgos Leotsakos, 2.7.2017

…how deep the Greek soloist perceives and interprets the romantic repertoire!...At the Händel Variations by Brahms the technical clarity and sentimental sobriety that demands the composer’s music has been ideally released at the closing Fugue…Emotional gentility and balance characterized also the performance of Chopin’s 24 Preludes avoiding meretricious passions and exaggerations…Palios gave a classic highly intellectual interpretation…one more demonstration of deep comprehension of stylish and expressive imprint of this specific music…
Eytichios Choriatakis, 10.3.2017

We enjoyed authentic lyricism and diverse nuances by talented pianist Apostolos Palios, who proved once more his artistic genuineness…his sensuous interpretations according to each composer and era always affect and fascinate!    
Sofia Theofanous, Estia 17.01.2017


Glinka’s Lark has been interpreted by Apostolos Palios with particularly fluid melodic line and great musicality…the notes flew unforced, the pianist formed the phrases with pliancy and light tempo flexibility.  
Nikos Dontas, Kathimerini 11.12.2016

Self-confident and polished the two musicians, Palios and flutist Geraki performed pleasurably…Sonata No.2 by Prokoviev was captured with mellowness, nerve and a hedonic tense finale.  
Giannis Svolos, Efimerida ton Syntakton 29.11.2016

Apostolos Palios piano playing revealed the wonderful song of the Lark by Balakirev…he sang magnificent the separation’s lament and praised the love’s Elegy by Rachmaninoff…Palios transforms romantic melancholy to poetry!  
Maria Kotopouli, Parathemata Logou, November 2016

Apostolos Palios’s unique musicality and dynamic range of interpretation…
Kyriakos Loukakos, Avgi 29.5.2016

One of the greatest Greek artists, Apostolos Palios belongs to the masters of  tones and soulful touch.
Giorgos Leotsakos, 1.4.2016

It is really not exaggeration to be said that Apostolos Palios’s regular performances comprise true oasis for the music lovers not only due to their constantly high quality but also because he does not hesitate to face new works….At the Pictures at an exhibition by Mussorgsky Palios shew up the structural clarity and the different character of each picture. His musical reading featured descriptive power, introverted  pulse and sentimental nobility. 
Eytichios Choriatakis, 11.3.2016

Apostolos Palios with unspeakable conflation of art and artistry underlines Chopin’s elegant musical narrative style and his nostalgic atmosphere…he interprets the musical dialogs of Davidsbündler by Schumann with extraordinary sound of major quality and lucidity...Tone master of perfection, the Greek soloist gifts to us another one interpretation full of light and color, emotion and poetry, an important contribution to the music world.    
Maria Kotopouli, 11.1.2016



It is the moment, where romanticism meets his ideal representative! The CD Great Romantics by Apostolos Palios performing piano works by Chopin and Schumann is the highlight of the year! An interpretation of exceptional expressive beauty infused with masterly virtues, which show up not only the lyricism and romanticism but also the inner abundance of the two great composers’s works.   
Anthoula Daniel, 30.12.2015

…he expressed nicely the inner restlessness, the heroic elements, the dramaturgic texture of the sonata and he revived Brahms’s romantic musical pages with his incomparable expressivity.
Maria Kotopouli, Parathemata Logou 3.12.2015

The internationally acclaimed superb pianist Apostolos Palios leads us through the piano keys to an unknown -but at the same time unconsciously known- music world… 
Giorgos Stamatopoulos, Efimerida ton Syntakton 28.5.2015

We confess that the interpretation of 3rd Beethoven’s piano concerto has been a pleasure…Soloist Apostolos Palios resisted to mindless sentimentalism in a approach remarkable for its classical simplicity, severity and dynamic articulation but also with poetical resources at the slow movement…Palios gifted his excited audience an excellent Intermezzo by Brahms… 
Kyriakos Loukakos, Avgi 18.5.2015

The experienced pianist Apostolos Palios performed various works by Chopin…with right sense of style. We received constantly the impression of a dialog between emphasis and grace, dignity and murmurous confession. 
Nikos Dontas, Kathimerini 22.3.2015

The two virtuoso (Apostolos Palios and Stefanos Nasos) revealed in all its range the quality of Nicolas Economou transcription of Nutcracker…there has been a fusion of two notable musical personalities at a quite exciting repertoire. 
Kyriakos Loukakos, Avgi 22.3.2015

A soloist, who matures without rush, with self-confidence, modest and active, presented a nice, well-balanced and lyrical recital. His playing exposed excellent perception of expressive and stylistic music impact possessing equal doses of emotion and virtuoso élan.  
Giannis Svolos, Efimerida ton Syntakton 10.3.2015

…rich palette of sound nuances, imagination and humor, fluency of reading and shadings…the two pianists (Palios and Nasos) invested their soloist mastery and healthy competitive spirit to underline the composition’s orchestral dimension. The writing lyricism has been transmitted with philosophical feeling and perfect musicality…very sensational performance… 
Eytichios Choriatakis, 19.2.2015

By each new performance Palios persuades that he belongs to the most significant pianists of his generation. His interpretation of Beethoven’s 3rd piano concerto has been well-balanced from every aspect. He possessed power and mastery, but above all he demonstrated admirable sense of classical and pre-romantic music style. His phrasing clarity and delicate dynamic gradation added elegance to a work, whose main characteristic is intensity.  
Nikos Dontas, Kathimerini 15.2.2015

Certainly one of the best pianists of new generation…he presented a marvelous interpretation, which confirmed once more every expectation…Palios played with precision, nobility, clear articulation, structural translucence and balanced transitions. Largo has been dreamy atmospheric, final Allegro sounded intense and gracious…The enthusiastic audience applauded persistently… 
Giannis Svolos, Efimerida ton Syntakton 10.2.2015

It is definitely a thrilling interpretation of my piano work! 
Thomas Bakalakos, Liner notes of CD Arni, February 2015 

Apostolos Palios, one of the most charismatic pianists of our days, gave one more memorable recital…he offered a historically correct interpretation of Bach’s French Overture…polyphonic completeness, Gallic grace, nice taste of dance step… Palios is well known for his outstanding performance in romantic repertoire, and he has the ideal expression’s arsenal for it: wide, rich sound, lucid perception of the related  aesthetic, strong technique, extraordinary musicality.  
Eytichios Choriatakis, 16.1.2015  


A great piano thinker!...exceptional intellectual orientation…Unique and brilliant interpretation…huge compliment for his special thematic program choices… 
Maria Kotopouli, Parathemata Logou 15.12.2014

Such a recital numbers among the most important events of the last decade! 
Giorgos Leotsakos, 29.11.2014

Greece is really fortunate to have this outstanding artist...such a gifted pianist…he presents the distillation of pianistic artistry and musical charisma…he demonstrates that an impressive performance is not his intention but just a vehicle for the projection of the pure substance of a composition… 
Sofia Theofanous, Estia 25.11.2014

…at the 1st sonata for cello and piano by Brahms he featured extraordinarily the lyrical script of the composition…sterling precision and virtuosity, clarity and simplicity at the 2nd sonata…he resurrected the composer’s world and griped his audience.  
Maria Kotopouli, Parathemata Logou 11.5.2014

Palios performed Μozart with excellent sense of the classical style…without  unneeded emotional uplifts…underscoring the music alternations but preserving at the same time the characteristic Mozart translucence…a spotless performance…with fire that fascinated.
Nikos Dontas, Kathimerini 19.4.2014

…a marvelous plentiful pianistic tribute to Mozart…Palios played the demanding program with class, confidence and right sense of the composer’s historic style.
Giannis Svolos, Efimerida ton Syntakton 18.3.2014



…pianist Apostolos Palios performed a very fine recital playing exclusively works by Rachmaninoff…included among the most remarkable soloists of new generation, Palios shines particularly at romantic repertoire… Full sound, noble emotion and excellent musical perception defined once more outstanding interpretations…rich tone palette και narrative flow…expressive piano playing…at the performance of the difficult 1st sonata impressed the clarity of the finest structure as well as the technical safety of the complicated piano script. The concert closed ideally the melancholic and thoughtful «Elegie»…
Eytichios Choriatakis, 17.12.2013

The tribute to Sergei Rachmaninoff…has been a magical evening with excellent selection of works and interpretations, which reached perfection! 
Maria Kotopouli, Parathemata Logou 19.11.2013

…2 pianos recital by Stefanos Nasos and Apostolos Palios, brilliant musicians, who face monternism as a natural choice….American minimalistic works were performed with intrepidity, precision and confidence.  
Giannis Svolos, Efimerida ton Syntakton 28.5.13

…The constantly rising pianist Apostolos Palios demonstrated once more his positive  reception, performing the demanding piano sonatas by Scriabin and Rachmaninoff with masterful ability but also with expressive maturity…he conserved the lyrical atmosphere of the works without sacrificing the difficult passages of the piano script. 
Nikos Dontas, Kathimerini 16.3.2013

A wonderful piano recital by Apostolos Palios, one of the most exciting Greek artists…he achieved a flawless performance…consistent alternations between soft colorations and intense uplifts…his musical line full of consistency based on right approach of the music spirit…naturalism and credibility… 
Giannis Svolos, Efimerida ton Syntakton 12.3.2013

Rachmaninoff and Scriabin, performed by Apostolos Palios, found their ideal interpreter!…He approached the first 3 piano sonatas by Scriabin and the 2nd piano sonata by Rachmaninoff with clear, glassy sound offering his audience with great inspiration and pure lyricism everything that words couldn’t reveal. Bravo!
Maria Kotopouli, Parathemata Logou 3.3.2013

…the 2nd piano concerto by Chopin performed the acclaimed pianist Apostolos Palios with beautiful sound and early-romantic perception…his encore, a nocturne for the left hand by Scriabin was literally poetry! 
Kyriakos Loukakos, Avgi 13.1.2013



Pianist Apostolos Palios is an artistic entity…He gave a highly sensitive performance…Polished sound and natural singing belong to his rare gifts.
Giorgos Leotsakos, Express 17.12.2012

Constantly rising soloist with high musical perception, Palios molded interpretations of Beethoven’s piano sonatas, which were consciously oriented to the expressive qualities of the composer’s piano writing: rhythmic sense, total supervision of structure combined with balanced awareness of detail, aptly varied dynamic differentiations, fine conception of dramatic timing and of the continuously alterative music temper….He dared bravely and with fortitude to face ’’Hammerklavier’’, which is considered to be the most difficult of Beethoven’ s sonatas...he had the required dynamism, glassy phrasing and wide sound volume…his lyrical playing portrayed excellent the lyrical and pensive slow movement.   
Giannis Svolos, 24.11.2012

Dreamy playing of Scriabin’s Nocturne for the left hand! 
Giorgos Leotsakos, Express 24.11.2012

By choosing three rarely performed Beethoven sonatas he succeed to feature the singularity of each one…Hammerklavier, this extremely difficult work, which pianists of much older age avoid  to present, has been interpreted with perfect balance between intellectualism and soul and impressed us so much as if we had heard it for the first time, especially at the endless Αdagio sostenuto, where the charismatic pianist has been limitless surrendered into its deep introversion... After such a performance he confirmed our greatest expectations from him!  Giorgos Leotsakos, Express 10.11.2012

Palios understands very well the dominating melodic nature of Chopin’ s writing and surely he perceives the similarities to the operatic voice writing of this period. The development of melodic phrasing, the pianistic ariosi combined with moments of dramatic recitativi, the sensuous surfing of pianistic passages above the orchestral accompaniment have been perfectly performed with wide dynamic range and flowing musical consistency. Kingpin of his execution has been the balanced dialectic between the playing of masterful fragments and dreamy diving into the emotion. The lyrical Larghetto flew ecstatic and the final Allegro vivace has been dominated by dancing rhythmical verve and bright crystal-clear technical passages.     
Giannis Svolos, 8.11.2012

It is well known, that pianist Apostolos Palios through his thoughtful study of Chopin’ s works conveys the sensitivity and brilliant piano writing of the composer… Clarity and lucidity, masterful virtuosity, wonderful melodic performing, impassioned and pulsating playing at the final movement… And above all, without lapsing at mawkish moments, which is considered to be a trap even for notable soloists. 
Sofia Theofanous, Adesmeytos Typos 5.11.2012

The gifted pianist Apostolos Palios has needed just a few days to make the public totally pinned down at the Athens Concert Hall! Initially he offered an inspired and thrilling interpretation of Chopin’s 2nd piano concerto and afterwards a solo recital with Beethoven piano sonatas…At “Les adieux” he expressed the grief of separation, the searching yell of human presence with staggering pulse and transparent timbre. Following the brilliant pianist with great comfort and silences full of tension and expectation interpreted the extremely difficult and rarely performed “Hammerklavier”…through music he delineated composer’s personality, the dynamic and epic elements, the intense contrasts, the alternations of themes. He played sensuously the lyrical movement and kept remarkable tempi at the last one… Palios, apart from his deep knowledge of the instrument and wealth of his emotional world, possesses the special flair to approach intellectually every composition. And exactly this cerebral dimension of his playing makes his interpretations extraordinary!       
Maria Kotopouli, Parathemata Logou 5.11.2012

Soloist of Chopin’ s 2nd piano concerto, Apostolos Palios, managed to offer beautiful sound nuances avoiding cheap emotional expressions. His phrasing was precise with interesting transformations and finest endings. The melodic elements pulsed discreet but essentially through flexible handling of rhythm and continuous delicate tempo and dynamic fluctuations. His interpretative aspect was characterized by nobility and elegance!
Nikos Dontas, Kathimerini 4.11.2012

His excellent technique as well as musicality and the sincere and successful musical collaboration between distinguished pianist Apostolos Palios,  whom we noticed in the past, and other acclaimed musicians, make him a flawless artist.
Sofia Theofanous, Adesmeftos Typos 28.2.2012

The award-winning and internationally acclaimed pianist Apostolos Palios has offered unforgettable interpretations with inner and deep lyricism. 
Maria Kotopouli, Parathemata Logou 17.2.2012      


We really enjoyed his superb technique, his dynamism and all the expressive lyrical parts, played by such an excellent pianist.
Sofia Theofanous, Estia 11.2.2012

He played Beethoven op.109 with such a lyrical grace and imaginative melodic brilliance… Then, with particular attention to the aesthetic of sound, he interpreted  Goyesca «The maiden and the nightingale» by Enrique Granados emphasizing the meaningful narrative character and romantic elements of this musical erotic confession…Revealing highlight has been Beethoven’s «Hammerklavier», a sonata of colossal musical and technical requirements. He performed with clarity and pure soul the heroic moments, which have been replaced by stochastic periods of philosophical contemplation, introspection and various internal searches. This masterpiece found in him a mature performer, who achieved to enlighten the bottomless depths of Beethoven’s thinking with respect, good taste and impressive technique.
Constantine P. Carambelas-Sgourdas, Karfi 11.2.2012

The pianist Apostolos Palios through his charismatic nature, his impressive musical skills and his artistic dynamism offers exemplary interpretations, able to withstand time. He serves faithfully not only the musical text, but at the same time he penetrates every secret corner revealing the innermost thoughts of the composer…It is not just a masterful recording, but definitely one of the best discs of piano discography during the latest years!
Thomas Tamvakos, Jazz and Jazz February 2012


While defined by technical perfection and virtuoso nonchalance, Palios’s take, above all, brings along a sense of musicality which adds unique character to each piece he interprets. 
Nikos Dontas, 28.12.2011

Apostolos Palios possesses the art of self-control: his articulation is enviable, his phrasing interesting, his playing full of musicality. He does not remind the interpreters, who just show their technical virtuosity, but is honest servant of his art. At the same time he does not hesitate to choose very demanding works and be compared to the greatest masters, which honors him.
Nikos Sarafianos, Avopolis 07.12.2011

Apostolos Palios is an artist, who possesses the gift to inspire as a conductor…
Kyriakos Loukakos, Augi 19.6.2011

Huge compliment for the pianist Apostolos Palios, really a decoder of countless details... playing with a  bright ethereal sound and sensual mature when needed.
Giorgos Leotsakos, Express 30.04.2011

Palios interprets with artistic mastery and ably comfort but above all with musicality, giving each work its distinctive character.
Nikos Dontas, Kathimerini 04.02.2011

Greek pianist Apostolos Palios, having an excellent level in piano concerto No.1 Op.1 in F sharp minor by Sergei Rachmaninoff, pretty sure in a lot of masterly passages, conveying a sense of great lyricism in Andante and interpreting with very high taste throughout the score, won the enthusiastic applause of the audience, which responded by Palios playing the "Elegy" from Rachmaninoff's youth works.
Emilio Lacarcel, Ideal 30.01.2011

Palios has deepened in the spirit of the composer and clearly demonstrates the musical ideas serving the descriptive nature of the composition... He has all the safeguards to conquer the international arena of discography.
Liana Maladrenioti, Epochi 14.01.2011

The performance by Apostolos Palios shows great dynamic range, clarity, and musical fervor especially appropriate for the passionate music of his fellow-countryman. He also manages to make the involved harmonic idiom of Margaritis’s later works interesting and exciting.
Albert Muhlbock, American Record Guide, January 2011



This recording has undoubtedly great musicological and artistic value.
Juan Berberana, Ritmo, December 2010

Gifted with high musical sense... approaches deeply the real substance of musical work... he is certainly a mature thinking artist!
Sofia Theofanous, Estia November 2010

...offers extremely thoughtful first world recordings.
Giannis Svolos, Eleftherotypia 05.10.2010

Hunter of perfection, the exciting pianist Apostolos Palios investigated the capture of  the composer and interpreted the Davidsbündler Dances by Schumann with wide variety of colours, clear reflection of sounds and rhythms, rich emotions and controlled romantic mood... He has thorough knowledge of the potentialities of the instrument and uses them to reveal through his interpretation the inner passion, the poetic musicality and the hidden beauties, that run in the Chopin four Ballads... In conclusion we can say with certainty, that we had the chance to hear works of great composers from a great pianist!
Maria Kotopouli, Lexima 4.10.2010

Very lyrical!
Laima, WRUV Reviews, September 2010

The young Greek pianist, Apostolos Palios, is championing the works of Margaritis, and technically this is very impressive playing, Margaritis’s dizzying passages in the right hand sparklingly brilliant. Very realistic piano sound!
David Denton, David's Review Corner, June 2010

Definitely one of the most exciting pianists of the young generation!
Nicos Dontas, Kathimerini 05.03.2010

The Greek soloist possesses a very high level of technique, great bright sound, clear articulation, exact playing, ideal qualities... abrupt musical transitions, enviable glow, balanced interpretations flooded by outgoing energy.
Giannis Svolos, Eleftherotypia 05.03.2010

Excellent technique, impressive skills in sound coloring, pure adaptation of the interpretative tone... sound and contextual transparency in Schumann... noble interpretations in Chopin Ballads, concise and bright sound quality... perfect taste!
Giorgos Leotsakos, Express 13.02.2010

His recital in Athens concert hall has been a huge success!
Liana Piperaki, Estia 02.02.2010




Sensitivity and lyricism... spirit... totally individual approach with a special ability to produce contrasts. Outstanding interpretations and a very notable CD in every way.
L. Malandrenioti, Musical Magazine Difono, February 2009 




I was fascinated by his maturity... he is the right person to interpret the music of Chopin, he plays it with sensitivity because he is able to understand it. He deserves to have a brilliant future!
Rainer Koch, Berlin December 2008

Apostolos Palios wins discreetly but constantly the respect both of other musicians and most of music-lovers. His characteristic interpretations are combined with a special ability to go deeper into the music and achieve to bring out many different perspectives and fine nuances as well as the musical historicity. 
Dr. Konstantin Kakavelakis, Mozart Society, Autumn 2008

A very thoughtful inspired interpretation ... he sings like a pure Greek epic poet.
Dr. Konstantin Kakavelakis, Athens August 2008

The young gifted Greek pianist Apostolos Palios received yesterday evening at the Schubert Hall of famous Vienna Konzerthaus the standing ovation and the rounds of applause of the large music-lover Viennese audience.
Greek Ιnsight, Vienna 16.05.2008

The Greek Apostolos Palios is more than a pianist. He is an interpreter with a pliant personality who surprises and becomes spectacular. The first thing that caught my attention was his velvety sound, a quality that he highlighted in Scarlatti's Sonata in F minor. 
He played Schumann's Dances of the brotherhood of David not only with technique and musicality, but also there was a thorough translation with pearled, smoky sounds directed towards intimacy, recalling the best anthological versions of Pollini and Zacharias!
He has a status as an interpreter who knows what he wants ... 
Ricardo Hontanon, Santander 07.05.2008

A musician of remarkable potential, deep thinking... he handles the piano as an instrument of endless potentialities. Solid aesthetic base, big sound, rich in coloring and correctly elaborated. Firm sense of structure and style, projection of every dramatic element. Romantic temperament full of fire and pure passion that excites. Spontaneous sensibility, visionary spirit, well colored narrative character and harmonized melancholic feeling.
He played the solo part of the 1st Chopin piano concerto with wonderful finesse, lyricism, deep sensitivity, and right sense of the compositional proportions.
Constantin Carampelas-Sgourdas, Mousicos Tonos, Spring 2008


He threw his audience into rapture with his acrobatics on the piano keys ... 
A piano virtuoso with excellent projection, that fascinates.
N. Liosi, Echo Petroupolis, July 2007

Apostolos Palios excited by choosing an impressive tempo, which offered him the opportunity for great expressiveness, pliancy that reminded older times, but also a maturity, that promises an interesting future.
Nikos Dontas, Κathimerini 15.07.2007

The 28 years old soloist played the 1st piano concerto by Chopin with interpretative maturity and safe technique. His approach had a wide range of dynamics, clear articulation, elegant enough and fluid melodic phrasing, right and sensible performance of the constant changes of dramatic intensity, based on measured acceleration/retardation passages. The dramatic culminations had the necessary brilliance and rhetorical emphasis, while the extensive paragraphs of torrential melodic flow have been performed sometimes dashing with vivacious pulse sometimes relaxed and calm, underlined with discreet punctuations and nice detailed dynamics and nuances. A beautiful, modern, romantic interpretation.
Giannis Svolos, Eleftherotypia 27.6.2007

He brought to life again the world of thesis and antithesis between love and death with his unique piano interpretation. 
Kyriakos Valavanis, Arts Review Periodical Edition, Spring 2007

I was lucky to hear recently Apostolos Palios "remarkable playing" His gift of combining his personal ideas with those of the composer he performed, make him a marvelous pianist.
Cyprien Katsaris, Paris March 2007

An extremely gifted pianist and dedicated musician. He has a searching and inspired approach to his pianism, the awareness of orchestral sonorities, style and truthfulness of interpretative integrity. He also possesses an effortless pianistic command technically, producing a wide and expressive range of colours in his playing, a sensitive handling of textures, nuances and beautifully shaped melodic phrasing. He is a communicative musician of great finesse, artistry and charismatic projection. He has excellent international potential. 
Yonty Solomon, London January 2007


Apostolos Palios is without question one of the most exciting pianists that Greece has to offer. A very special musician of rare qualities, sincerity, musical intelligence and artistic integrity. His playing combines imagination, vision and an acute sense for sound coloring.
He is always sensitive to the changing moods of each work that he performs. His sound is warm and natural. After having heard this gifted young man perform Maurice Ravel΄s "Gaspard de la Nuit" I was totally convinced that he possesses the soul of a true artist
Constantine P. Carambelas-Sgourdas, Athens 2006 



The 1st Chopin piano concerto has been masterly performed by the Greek pianist Apostolos Palios, almost improvisational, thought as the composer and received a deeper symphonic character. The audience cheered the artist frantically with great enthusiasm. 
Friedbert Streller, Saechsische Zeitung 15.11.2005 


He is without question a very special musical pianistic talent!
George Hadzinicos, 1993

It is very moving the sensitivity and the passion he transmits to the music ... a poetic musical presence, which is rarely to be found!
Nelly Semitecolo, 1993


Reviews of performances and recordings by Aurora Quartet


The Aurora Quartet offers a dynamic interpretation, clear and original sound, that wins everybody from the first moment. 
L. Malandrenioti, Musical Magazine Difono, May 2007 

The Aurora Quartet plays with great intensity and sensitiveness.
Marit Elise Lyngstad, Hamr Arbeiderblad, 2007

Plenty of detail, air and space make for what should be an excellent addition to the library of fans of piano music.
Mark Wagner,, 17.1.2007


This incredible quartet proves how big the resources are that lie in the music for eight hands. This is a totally extraordinary CD. You are stunned and fascinated by the unbelievably lively way in which the music is presented! 
Kjell Moe, Kulturspeilet, 23.12.2006

A playfull dynamic with remarkable effects of contrast between the four pianos... A rich and thrilling programme made this concert a rare event!... The concert was splendidly performed by the four pianists who have found each other on twelve meters of piano.
Lars O.Flydal, Vart hand, Oslo 22.9.2006


They are virtuosos on the black and white keys.
Magdeburger Volksstimme, 24.1.2005


The four pianists transmit a palpable passion for music and a huge talent. The Aurora Quartet played itself into the hearts of the audience.
The Aurora Quartet has a great future. 
Easter Festival Bayreuth, 13.4.2004


Each of the four musicians was brilliant and mastered the instrument with the expressiveness of a soloist.
Markische Allgemeine, 9.12.2003

Aurora Quartet
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